Stockings Clinic

Graduated Compression Stockings (GCS) are frequently considered an important aspect of managing patients with swollen legs. There are many indications to utilize GCS. The most common conditions which benefit from using GCS are Chronic Venous Insufficiency resulting in formation of varicose veins as we as Lymphoedema. Stockings are commonly use in management of venous ulcers.

There are 3 main classes of stocking described as:

Class 1 – Pressure at the ankle of 10-20 mmHg

Class 2 – Pressure at the ankle of 20-30 mmHg

Class 3 – Pressure at the ankle of 30-40 mmHg

Specific design and quality makes GCS superior to TED’s stockings which are frequently prescribed to patients following admission to hospitals and procedures to minimize risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

GCS require several measurements taken to provide patient with an appropriate size. Prescribing practitioner decides about the most suitable type of stockings.

Anyone who requires Class 2 or 3 should have resting Ankle-Brachial Index assessed. Anyone with an ABI value of 0.7 or less should not wear high compression grade stockings as these may compromise already reduced arterial blood flow.

There are several companies providing a high quality of compression stockings. Daily use of those garments requires regular (4-6 monthly) changes as GCS become stretched and loose required compression gradient.

Perth Vascular Clinic provides comprehensive stocking service including measurements, fitting and delivery of GCS and associated products.